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The eeg-mouse is a project to attempt to control an on-screen pointer using EEG signals.

This has potential application for adaptive equipment.

About the eeg-mouse project

Project goals

The main goal of the project is to build a device that allows use of electrophysiologic signals to control a computer pointing device. In addition:

Current Status as of August 2014

We are able to record EEG signals and extract alpha and beta activity, and use these to control a cursor in two dimensions. Our tests allow the mouse to be moved with an average distance to target of under 50 pixels, although there is a considerable amount of instability in our control; we hope to improve this.

Here you can see a trial run:

Current Hardware

Current Software


Notes, history, and data can be found at eeg-mouse-notes

our log

Software License

GPL v3 or any later version

(The authors may be persuaded to license parts of their contributions under another FOSS license if GPLv3 is a problem for integration with an existing established project, for instance linux kernel is GPLv2. Please contact us.)


Ace Medlock (
Kendrick Shaw (
Eric Herman (


Eric Herman (


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